2015 Films Now Streaming Online!

Watch Keep Ya Head Up

 1. "Keep Ya Head Up" (17 mins - HD) Following the stories of two youth, this film addresses the impact of policing and surveillance, specifically on young immigrant and black communities in New York City. Youth producers are hoping to use the film to raise awareness among high school students about how they can fight back against Islamophobia and racism in their schools, on the streets and in NYC policy.​2. "The Real T: This is My Truth" (12 mins - HD) Based on the experiences of LGBTQQ youth of color, this ‘Know Your Rights’ video covers not only street encounters and warrants, but also sexual harassment by police, inappropriate searches of transgender and gender non-conforming youth, profiling for prostitution-related and other “quality of life” offenses, as well as covering new ‘Trans patrol guide’ policies. G.A.P.'s CMIA collaboration with Streetwise & Safe. ​3. "The Shade is Real: An Oversimplified Story" (15 mins - HD) Written, directed and produced by LGBTQ youth, this homage to the popular film Mean Girls, tells the story of a group of students working to overcome internalized and interpersonal transphobia, homophobia and racism as they find ways to unite for social change.If you are interested in setting up a screening of one of these films or becoming a youth producer for next year, contact luce [at] global-action.org.