Global Action Project Track at the AMC

Allied Media Conference

Global Action Project Track at the AMC:

Global Action Project is a sponsor of this year’s Allied Media Conference! This year we are hosting 3 workshops.

  1. Learn  how to conduct rapid response media campaigns in times of Trump
  2. Make your own digital media history timelines
  3. Catch a screening of Keep Ya Head Up which shows the relationships of young people fighting racism and Islamophobia.

It’s #ourtime to seize the narrative and create the world of our dreams. 


Title: Rapid Response Media to Defend and Protect our Communities in the Era of Trump

Sun. 6/18/17  10am-11:30am

Global Action Project will share our work on “Hate Free Zones” with Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM). We will facilitate dialogue with other groups using digital media as a strategic communications tool that builds relationship building and empowers communities most impacted by injustice in the era of Trump.

The Hate-Free Zone is a culture change project that supports communities directly targeted by police harassment and threats of deportation. In partnership with targeted communities, local artists and arts organizations, our approach is to deploy creative media, lighted signs, silk screen posters and creative banners hung by residents and businesses to claim public space and "brand" the streets to instill community justice and solidarity in protecting the most vulnerable in the neighborhood.


Mahira Raihan- Mahira is the coordinator of Moving Art, the youth arts and organizing program of Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM). She is also an alum of Global Action Project’s Youth Breaking Borders and Community Media in Action programs.

Anshu Khadka - DRUM organizer

Karina Hurtado-Ocampo is the Community Media in Action coordinator at Global Action Project.

Jose Daniel Benitez - Jose is a Community Media in Action Fellow with Global Action Project. He is also a youth organizer with Immigration Movement International in Corona, Queens, NYC. and an artist working with Mobile Print Power, a grassroots arts collective using mobile silkscreening to open up dialogue.


Title: Fighting Islamophobia and Anti-Blackness

Screening: Keep Ya Head Up
Sat. 6/17/17 2pm-3:30pm

We will present a screening and interactive workshop of our groundbreaking film Keep Ya Head Up that offers an  intersectional perspective from immigrant youth of color on the ways in which they experience Islamophobia and Anti-blackness racism in and out of schools. Youth producers will lead a workshop exploring root causes for oppressive school policies and practices and then brainstorm solutions that empowers educators and young people to fight back together.

Digital Timelines for Movement Organizing


Come to our hands-on workshop, create a digital timeline & learn how our web-based tool can support your organizing work!

Many of us live the stories of our movements’ histories, but often lack tools to see how our stories intersect with the histories & media representations of political struggles over immigration, policing, transgender rights or media policy. In this political climate, it's crucial to place our organizing work & our stories in historical context & challenge dominant narratives.

Our session uses web-based technology so participants can share stories, find connections between movement histories, explore the relationship between those histories and media representations, and begin developing partnerships that build on the strength of joint struggle. As we collectively build timelines that focus and unify our organizing and cultural work, we can see how the past vigorously informs the present, and use that insight to begin visioning a future for our liberation.

Carlos Pareja is Media History Timeline Coordinator with Global Action Project. He is a longtime media educator, digital storyteller and activist who fights to change narratives, public policy and our world.

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