Join us on December 6th!

Celebrate 25 Years of Transformative Media Organizing!

Dear Friends,

This past week has felt, and continues to feel, devastating, as we grapple with the reality of what the incoming administration will mean for our communities, for our world and for the future of our planet. Like many of you, we have been checking in, gathering, strategizing and building with our G.A.P. community, towards fortifying ourselves to effectively resist this wave of authoritarianism and escalation of white supremacist, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist and anti-Semitic attacks.

For 25 years, G.A.P. has been building safe and transformative spaces where youth impacted by injustice— youth of color, immigrant youth, trans youth, queer youth, Muslim youth—come together and collectively envision alternative futures, using those visions to fight the injustices in our current reality. In a time where voices of dissent are threatened, our work to expand—and protect—spaces where young people most impacted by these attacks come together to create powerful counter-narratives, feels incredibly urgent.

Just as urgent is the need to come together in community and build our collective resilience and bravery. In these times, we want to prioritize bringing together our G.A.P. community—our youth leaders, alumni, partners and supporters. We hope that you will join us on December 6th to honor 25 years of visionary justice-seeking work and provide critical support towards continuing to deepen our vision, our solidarity and our resistance.

With love and gratitude,
Global Action Project

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#GAP25 Honorees:

Diana Coryat is a proud co-founder of Global Action Project and board member emeritus. Her work as a communications scholar and media activist continues to be located at the intersection of social justice, media, and popular education. Diana’s passion for community filmmaking goes back to the late 80s when she studied at NYU Film School with legendary filmmaker George Stoney. In her work with G.A.P., she had the privilege of facilitating youth media programs in New York City, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Guatemala and Northern Ireland.

Susan Siegel has dedicated her life to starting and scaling up businesses that add value to communities and underserved individuals around the world. She met Diana Coryat while serving as program director at Global Kids, where G.A.P. was incubated. During her 12 Year tenure as G.A.P. Co-Executive Director and board member, G.A.P. youth produced over 45 films locally and internationally. She remains a G.A.P. board member emeritus, and is proud to celebrate its 25 Years!

Reina Gossett is an activist, writer, and filmmaker. Along with Sasha Wortzel, Reina wrote, directed and produced Happy Birthday, Marsha! a short film about legendary trans activist Marsha P Johnson starring Independent Spirit Award winner Mya Taylor.She recently produced a short animated film The Personal Things about iconic Black trans activist Miss Major.

Sabina Khan is a G.A.P. alum from 2003-2006. A native from the Elmhurst/Jackson Heights area, Sabina is a social justice lawyer at the Queens Legal Aid Society where she works as a public defender and represents the rights of community members who are largely from over-policed working-class and immigrant neighborhoods.

Mateo Guerrero-Tabares is currently majoring in political science and Africana, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies at Hunter College and a research fellow with The Mellow-Mays Undergraduate Program. Mateo, a G.A.P. alum, has come out and embraced his identities as a trans and queer immigrant in order to fight for immigrant and LGBTQ rights, as well as advocating for an intersectional politics that recognizes the complexity of our communities regarding race, class, gender and age.