Media History Timeline Summer Program Recap

This Summer, July 21- August 31st, 2014, 17 young people from throughout NYC were employed at GAP to learn new media technologies, advance their political education and team-build. The Program ran twice a week for four hours each day at our Chelsea offices and at the computer lab of New York University’s MAGNET (Media and Games Network) site in Downtown Brooklyn Campus.

Young people were continuing to create content and learn critical new media skills in the production of a web application “The Media History Timeline;” a curriculum tool to help users make connections between historical moments, media and popular culture and our personal stories. As part of their process youth created memes, Gifs and collages, were introduced to basic coding, web design and interactivity and researched and wrote content for the website. The youth focused on the topic of police brutality in their communities and youth organizing against discriminatory policing and surveillance. The youth’s collages were featured at CAAAV’s Asian Youth Action exhibit held at Project Reach in Chinatown with other youth’s work focusing on the connections between police abuse and gender issues.