G.A.P. participants filming on the NYC streets

Apply to Global Action Project's Youth Media Programs:

Learn how to make videos about issues you care about. Global Action Project's programs include Community Media in Action for youth organizers, SupaFriends for LGBTQ youth, Youth Breaking Borders for immigrant youth, Media History Timeline and Urban Voices for youth in NYC. Apply for Global Action Project's programs today! Download our flier

For more information on Urban Voices, SupaFriends and/or Youth Breaking Borders, please contact Luce at luce [at] or 212.594.9577.

For more information on Community Media In Action, please contact Karina at karina [at] or 212.594.9577.

For more information on Media History Timeline, please contact Carlos at carlos [at] or 212.594.9577.

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Urban Voices in Practice

G.A.P.'s core program is called Urban Voices. It consists of several distinctive after-school projects that combine best practices in youth development with media-arts training and social justice values. Urban Voices offers youth trainings in media analysis and production, leadership and self-expression, as well as access to public forums and venues, and meaningful connections to communities working for change. The goals of Urban Voices are to:

  • provide youth with tools, skills and venues to express themselves;
  • involve them in engaging, educational activities; and
  • promote artistic and leadership development in support of community change.

Other core program elements include:

Producing Media. Youth collaboratively produce original media about issues they care about. They work as a team to identify and research the issues, determine what style and genre best suits their message, and develop the creative technical skills they need to make a video.

Outreach. Youth host screenings, lead discussions about their work, and use their media to educate, inspire, and galvanize communities around challenges AND solutions in classrooms, community meetings, and at conferences and film festivals around the world.

Lifelong Learning and Critical Literacy. Youth decode the media landscape and respond with powerful messages of their own.