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Urban Voices

Global Action Project's Urban Voices is a digital video production, outreach and peer leadership training program for high-school students interested in media arts, media activism and youth leadership.  Projects have included broadcast-quality public service announcements, dramatic and documentary responses to social issues. 

Watch videos created by Urban Voices below! Please contact us at media [at] to arrange a screening.

News and Updates

April 4 Film Screening: "Our Voices: Trans Stories, Trans Justice, Trans Resiliency"

In a time when transgender and gender nonconforming communities remain under attack, it is crucial to lift up stories of trans resiliency and power. This film screening and panel organized by G.A.P. will highlight ways trans communities fight back, build community, and center the intersectional work essential to survival. Click here to RSVP

Join Our Fall Programs & Become a G.A.P. Youth Video Producer!

Global Action Project is currently accepting applications from youth aged 14-21 for our 2015-2016 youth media programs! As a G.A.P. Youth Video Producer you will learn how to tell stories, share opinions, grow your leadership, discuss the power of media in society, and work with a great group of other young people to make videos that will make an impact around issues that are important to you and your community.

Our youth media programs run once a week from November 2015 to June 2016. The programs are FREE and you don’t need any media experience to join. Travel costs and snacks are provided. Internship credit is also possible through your school. Applications are due November 6, and you can check out one of our open houses on October 28 & 29th!

Upgrading your Computers or Video Production Equipment? Call us!

Global Action Project, a youth media arts organization with a social justice mission, is currently looking for computers and camera equipment for our programs and trainings. If you or your organization is upgrading and wants to sell your equipment or make a tax-deductible donation to a great cause, we'd love your old equipment. Your equipment will be an invaluable resource for hundreds of LGBTQ youth, immigrant youth and youth of color throughout NYC who are using media at G.A.P. to share their stories and organize for justice in their communities. Thank you so much for thinking of us!

El Museo del Barrio Screens G.A.P. Films

El Museo del Barrio presented three G.A.P. films in their OUR ROLLS screening on March 17. This screening featured films by young local artists who use film as their palette to awaken the real and imagined testimonios of their lives and ours. Congratulations to all the G.A.P. youth producers who created these powerful films!

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Juvenile Asylum

Juvenile Asylum blends personal storytelling with legal and sociological analysis in a video-pamphlet format. It is designed to give high school students a basic sense of their rights when they are subjected to a search and interrogation by faculty or security guards.

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Crossed Lines

Crossed Lines illustrates what lies underneath a typical interaction on the street. It deals with street harassment and presents multiple perspectives.

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The summer of 2004 saw the lowest youth employment rate in NYC in over two decades. While youth struggle to get a decent education and jobs for teens are at an all-time low, funding for jails and detention centers continue to increase. G.A.P. youth spent the summer exploring this connection and produced a creative reflection on this enduring problem.

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Sci Fi High Episode 1: Alienation

Louis and Cassie, the protagonists of the film, are high schools students tired of being disempowered and disrespected in the classroom. A student who is new to the school -- and to Earth -- invites them to contact elected officials, but they decide to engage their classmates and create change on their own terms.

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Diss-ney Medley: A Mockumentary to Remember

A short mockumentary that explores the challenges experienced by young actors of color as they try to make it on Broadway. The video follows two aspiring actors, Nola and Theo, as they try out for roles in a Broadway musical entitled "A Diss-ney Medley to Remember." Through the audition process, they struggle with a question: should they act out a part that is degrading to themselves and their community, or give up the opportunity that could launch their career?

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Beauty and the Box

Meet Loreal; a TV casualty in a world where people see and judge each other through the lens of media. Her search to replace a broken television sends her to a land she never imagined. What happens when racial divisions and impossible beauty standards are let loose on an unsuspecting world?