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From 2012-2015, Global Action Project, Data Center and Research Action Design conducted a national research projectMedia in Action: A Field Scan of Media & Youth Organizing in the U.S. The project sought to understand how youth organizers are using media to advance social justice and movement-building work throughout the United States.

Chrystian Rodriguez is a youth-producer-turned-media educator who currently works at Global Action Project (G.A.P.) in New York City where he writes curricula, develops community relationships, and works directly with a new generation of filmmakers. Take a look at this interview he did for Youth Media Reporter in February 2011.

This article by our former director, Submission of Excellence: Meghan McDermott, talks about G.A.P.'s strategic planning initiative and implementing new organizational strategies including: fostering a new culture of affirmation, strengthening a team through healthy communication and the 4 I's (intent, incident, impact, and improvement).

Nonprofit organizations working at the intersection of arts and social justice are no strangers to the fight to stay alive while moving their missions forward. In an honest and critical exploration of what it takes to survive against the odds, Global Action Project (G.A.P.) presents "Change Capital Investments: One Tool for Moving to Abundance." The article chronicles G.A.P.'s planning efforts, with assistance from the Nonprofit Finance Fund, to achieve sustainability on its own terms. The story offers lessons from G.A.P.'s experience using a demonstrated but uncommon tool called "change capital," and calls for a sea change in the grantee-funder dynamic by underscoring the importance of trust and mutual accountability to making sustainability attainable.

This article was made possible with generous support from the Nathan Cummings Foundation and the Cricket Island Foundation.

How training and transparency helped G.A.P. meet the 2008 economic crisis head on.