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Echoes of Iemanja

This short film is the story of Iris, a young undocumented Haitian immigrant trying to realize the American dream. Drowning in the pursuit of an unachievable goal, Iris must find a way to stay afloat. In her darkest moment, Iris is drawn to the sea and finds guidance in the echoes of Iemanja.



2016 Films Now Streaming Online!

We are excited to announce the online launch of Global Action Project’s 2016 films! We hope that you will check out our incredible youth-produced films and share them with your friends, communities and networks!

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To Blend or To Dream

A group of immigrant youth decide how to respond when politician "Donald Cruz" comes to speak at their high school. Created by G.A.P.'s Youth Breaking Borders media program for immigrant youth, this film addresses the current anti-immigrant political climate and the personal impact that this fever pitch xenophobia is having on immigrant youth.

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Missing Pieces

Made in collaboration with youth leaders from Community Voices Heard, DRUM, FUREE, GOLES, RAISE and Ugnayan, this short film explores the perspectives of four young women around the intersections of Islamophobia, anti- Black and anti- Asian racism, policing, and immigrant detention.

Join Our Fall Programs & Become a G.A.P. Youth Video Producer!

Global Action Project is currently accepting applications from youth aged 14-21 for our 2015-2016 youth media programs! As a G.A.P. Youth Video Producer you will learn how to tell stories, share opinions, grow your leadership, discuss the power of media in society, and work with a great group of other young people to make videos that will make an impact around issues that are important to you and your community.

Our youth media programs run once a week from November 2015 to June 2016. The programs are FREE and you don’t need any media experience to join. Travel costs and snacks are provided. Internship credit is also possible through your school. Applications are due November 6, and you can check out one of our open houses on October 28 & 29th!

2015 Films Now Streaming Online!

Watch Keep Ya Head Up

Click here for the links to watch our newest youth produced films!

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Keep Ya Head Up

Following the stories of two youth, this film addresses the impact of policing and surveillance, specifically on young immigrant and black communities in New York City. Youth producers are hoping to use the film to raise awareness among high school students about how they can fight back against Islamophobia and racism in their schools, on the streets and in NYC policy.

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Youth from DRUM - Desis Rising Up & Moving partnered with Global Action Project to interview South Asian & Indo-Caribbean Students in Queens about their experiences with punitive Zero-Tolerance school discipline policies and bullying, as part of the Dignity in Schools campaign. In the interview featured in this clip, DRUM members Justin and Sarah share their story.

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The Real T: This Is My Truth

Get yr "SAS Facts"! Based on the experiences of LGBTQQ youth of color, this ‘Know Your Rights’ video covers not only street encounters and warrants, but also sexual harassment by police, inappropriate searches of transgender and gender non-conforming youth, profiling for prostitution-related and other “quality of life” offenses, as well as covering new ‘Trans patrol guide’ policies.

A Global Action Project, Community Media in Action Production, created in partnership with Streetwise and Safe.

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You Are Not Alone

Created by youth members of New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC), DRUM South Asian Organizing Center, UPROSE and Adelante Alliance in our 5 day youth facilitated Community Media in Action training, "You Are Not Alone" shows how undocumented communities can respond to sexual violence.