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Media History Timeline Summer Program Recap

This Summer, July 21- August 31st, 2014, 17 young people from throughout NYC were employed at GAP to learn new media technologies, advance their political education and team-build. Young people were continuing to create content and learn critical new media skills in the production of a web application “The Media History Timeline;” a curriculum tool to help users make connections between historical moments, media and popular culture and our personal stories.

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You Are Not Alone

Created by youth members of New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC), DRUM South Asian Organizing Center, UPROSE and Adelante Alliance in our 5 day youth facilitated Community Media in Action training, "You Are Not Alone" shows how undocumented communities can respond to sexual violence.

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We Know Our Rights

Created by members of Girls for Gender Equity, Streetwise and Safe and Make the Road in Global Action Project's 5 day Community Media in Action training, "We Know Our Rights" is about students standing up for their rights against discipline policies that criminalize students and push youth of color out of school and into prisons.

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V. The Great Performer

Videl, an undocumented street performer, struggles with police harassment in New York City. He decides to take action by joining his friend and other youth organizers in a Know Your Rights program. Will his struggle with police continue? Through this video, the producers of Youth Breaking Borders hope to empower viewers to change their situation by accessing resources and building community.

Apply now to be in our Summer New Media Activism Program!

Hatim introduces Media History Timline at the End of Year Screening

Global Action Project is currently accepting applications for our summer New Media Activism program. This is an on-going project where youth will learn the basics of Web Application Design and Development, produce original artwork around their communities' experience with policing, facilitate workshops on using media for social change and build their knowledge of issues of surveillance, policing, privacy and technology!

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Fit the Profile

In partnership with The Point CDC, serving the Hunts Point neighborhood in the Bronx, G.A.P. ran a six-week a media arts intensive for 20 youth leaders (July – August). Participants created a docu-narrative "Fit the Profile" on the impact of Stop and Frisk policing on young people of color in the Bronx and throughout NYC.

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Juvenile Asylum

Juvenile Asylum blends personal storytelling with legal and sociological analysis in a video-pamphlet format. It is designed to give high school students a basic sense of their rights when they are subjected to a search and interrogation by faculty or security guards.

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The summer of 2004 saw the lowest youth employment rate in NYC in over two decades. While youth struggle to get a decent education and jobs for teens are at an all-time low, funding for jails and detention centers continue to increase. G.A.P. youth spent the summer exploring this connection and produced a creative reflection on this enduring problem.

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No Safe Place

As ICE (Immigrant Customs Enforcement) has drastically increased their quotas for arresting undocumented immigrants, this video traces the lives of young people targeted by this system and asks us to consider the power of sharing our stories.

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Breaking the Pipeline

A 14 min youth-produced short film that calls for restorative justice as an alternative method to the unjust zero tolerance policies and over-policing that students face in New York City public schools.

Produced by the youth organizers of YMPJ's PEERS campaign